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Governor announces jobs created by Lockheed Martin

By on October 11, 2016

lockheed-martinAGUADILLA — Gov. Alejandro García Padilla participated Tuesday of the inauguration of security, defense and aerospace company Lockheed Martin’s new facilities.

Its expansion will create about 120 new jobs in the next three years through a $700,000 investment.

“This expansion is proof of the great trust this global company has on Puerto Rico and its people’s capabilities. My administration has worked to recover our economic development, make it more sustainable, insert it with more force into the global economy, and create a vibrant ecosystem where there had previously been companies with little or no link between them,” the governor said.

“We have proven that times of crisis are also times to fix errors and persevere in the successes,” García Padilla said.
The governor, who was accompanied by Lockheed Martin executives and Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co. (Pridco) Executive Director Luis Ortiz Ortiz, said the aerospace company’s expansion was possible thanks to legislation implemented by his administration, which offers incentives for job creation, infrastructure investment, rent of government-owned industrial buildings, and internships for college students.

García Padilla also took the opportunity to highlight the advances the aerospace industry has had on the island with the presence of companies such as Lufthansa, Honeywell, Infotech, Infosys and United Technologies.

“These are achievements reached in an economy we inherited with six years of economic recession. My administration has worked to leave the country a legacy from which it can build a better tomorrow. This ecosystem of aerospace companies will keep growing, creating quality jobs and fortifying Puerto Rico’s bonds with the world,” he assured.

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