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Governor asked to not collaborate with fiscal board

By on March 10, 2017

PIP Rep. Denis Márquez asked the governor to confront the fiscal board. (Cindy Burgos / CB)

PIP Rep. Denis Márquez asked the governor to confront the fiscal board. (Cindy Burgos / CB)

SAN JUAN – Following the fiscal control board recommending this week that the government implement more severe austerity measures, Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) Rep. Denis Márquez rejected the proposed actions and urged Gov. Ricardo Rosselló to no longer collaborate with the entity established by the federal Promesa law.

“We exhort confrontation, to lead to a political crisis,” Márquez said in a press conference where he urged people to vote for “free association / independence” in the June 11 status plebiscite for being the “most blunt” opposition to the fiscal board.

The board, he said, has shown with its recommendations that “they are mere representatives of the bondholders” and promoters of an unprecedented “neoliberal agenda.”

The legislator recommended that the government stop providing the $2 million a month it gives the oversight board, as well as refuse to issue fiscal documents. The board has the faculty to review the government’s fiscal decisions, as well as budgets, and has stated it will not certify the governor’s fiscal plan as presented.

“We opposed presenting a fiscal plan… The time has come…for whether we accept the board’s design or oppose it, because what the board is headed toward is destroying the country to, with what little is left, pay those they represent,” Márquez stressed.

The representative said he will present a resolution similar to that presented by PIP Sen. Juan Dalmau to investigate if any of the board’s members own Puerto Rico bonds, which would clash with them managing the island’s finances.

The legislator also called the recommended cuts of up to $450 million recommended for the University of Puerto Rico a “crime against Puerto Rican youth.” He also spoke against the proposed cuts to pensions, harder access to healthcare, reduced public-employee work hours and the closure of schools.

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