Sunday, January 29, 2023

Governor Pierluisi Approves Raise in Minimum Wage

By on September 21, 2021

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi signed into law a House bill that will increase the minimum salary in Puerto Rico from $7.25 to $8.50 starting next January 1. 

The signing of the increase, the first in 12 years in Puerto Rico, took place in a formal event in La Fortaleza attended by high-ranking government officials and legislators.

“Thousands of workers have not received an increase in their minimum wage for 12 years while they have experienced the rise in living costs. An hour salary of $7.25 if no longer sustainable in Puerto Rico, so it was time to do justice to the working class. This law result from consensus work between the legislative and executive branch of government,” Pierluisi said. 

The law provides additional raises to $9.50 on July 1 of 2023 and $10.50 on July 1 2024,  although a Puerto Rico Department of Labor commission issues an order that could alter the amount.

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