Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Greek Journalists Strike as Part of anti-Bailout Action

By on February 3, 2016

ATHENS, Greece – Greek journalists walked off the job Wednesday ahead of a general strike set to disrupt services across the country to protest pension reforms that are part of the country’s third international bailout.

The media strike pulled all news broadcasts off the airwaves and left news websites without updates, while no Thursday newspapers would be printed.

Unions have called for a nationwide general strike on Thursday that will shut down everything from state schools to public offices, while state-run hospitals will operate on emergency staff only. Public transport, including domestic flights, will also be disrupted.

Overhauling the pension system is one of the main reforms the government must make, but critics say it will lead to dozens of professions paying most of their income in social security contributions and taxes.

The planned reforms face vociferous opposition from a wide variety of professions, including farmers, lawyers, doctors, casino workers, artists, engineers and gas station workers.

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