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Greek Unions to Hold General Strike Feb. 4 on Pension Reform

By on January 18, 2016

ATHENS, Greece – Union discontent is growing in Greece against planned pension reforms, with civil servants joining in a strike by private sector workers next month in what will be the first general strike of the year in the financially struggling country.

The ADEDY umbrella civil service union said Monday it will participate in the Feb. 4 strike, and accused the radical left-led government of aiming to “plunder” pensions through drastic new cuts.

Unions representing lawyers, doctors and engineers have also strongly protested the draft reforms, which would significantly increase their social security contributions.

Greece’s bailout creditors have demanded new cuts to reduce state spending on pensions and save the country’s tottering pension system.

Farmers angry at the reforms say they will launch a campaign blocking key highways with their tractors on Wednesday.

By The Associated Press


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