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Guaynabo’s mayor-elect to be sworn in Friday

By on August 14, 2017

SAN JUAN – The Guaynabo Mayor-elect Ángel Pérez will be sworn in Friday during a celebratory event at 4 p.m. in front of the municipality’s city hall.

Pérez himself made the announcement in a WKAQ radio interview in which he also said he wants to be sworn in by his wife, Superior Judge Liza Fernández.

“We are looking into several alternatives. There is Liza. There is no impediment in the law for it to be her [who administers the oath], so possibly,” said the mayor-elect, who triumphed in a special election held Aug. 5 following Héctor O’Neill‘s resignation amid a scandal involving a municipal employee in which he was accused of sexual harassment.

Guaynabo Mayor-elect Ángel Pérez (Courtesy)

Regarding the continuation of work at the mayor’s office, Pérez stressed that the meetings between his transition team and the outgoing administration are already underway.

“There will be public hearings tomorrow on the information being collected and analyzed regarding the transition,” he said, adding that he officially starts his work duties Friday.

Ángel Pérez to bring new style of governing to Guaynabo

Pérez said he will visit the Urban Elementary School of Guaynabo alongside Education Secretary Julia Keleher on Monday afternoon.

The school is said to be in need of a special education teacher for a group students with autism.

“This is something we will be discussing with the secretary. I hope we can solve the situation during the day. That was a school that received others that were closed in the municipality,” the mayor-elect said.

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