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Hatillo Kash N’ Karry Joins Supermarkets Accepting MCS Classicare Te Paga

By on August 18, 2020

SAN JUAN — Health insurer MCS, which created the Te Paga card in Puerto Rico, has partnered with supermarket Hatillo Kash N’ Karry to expand the reach of the MCS Classicare Te Paga card to the island’s northwest region.

This gives MCS Classicare (HMO) members with the card access to more establishments throughout the island, where they can purchase healthy food.  

“At MCS, we continue to expand the network of supermarkets accepting the MCS Classicare Te Paga card, to give our members more options closer to their homes, so they can more easily benefit from this allowance. This time, we want to welcome the Hatillo Kash N’ Karry supermarkets. As with our other supermarket partners, they share our common goal of ensuring the well-being of Puerto Rico’s Medicare population, and are motivated to join us in meeting the needs of this sector through this innovative and commendable joint effort. From our part, at MCS we will continue to expand our network of participating supermarkets in order to reach more people,” said Herminio Nieves, MCS senior vice president of Membership.

The partnership established with supermarkets Amigo, Econo, Ralph’s, Selectos, Supermax, Walmart, Mr. Special, Napo Vélez and now Hatillo Kash N’ Karry is MCS’ effort to encourage Medicare beneficiaries to purchase healthy food and stay healthy.  

The Te Paga card’s quarterly allocation varies according to the member’s coverage. It has been offered since January and also allows paying the electric, water or phone bill through participating supermarkets.  

The card has provided over $27 million to more than 115,000 members to pay for healthy food and other services.

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