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Héctor Ferrer confident in prevailing over González

By on November 8, 2016

Héctor Ferrer (jaime River/CB)

Héctor Ferrer (Jaime Rivera/CB)

CUPEY, Puerto Rico – Popular Democratic Party (PDP)candidate for resident commissioner Héctor Ferrer was greeted with hugs and kisses upon his arrival at Carmen Sanabria school in the San Gerardo neighborhood of Cupey.

Ferrer voted on poll site No. 2, and when he arrived to the registration table, the New Progressive Party (NPP) official questioned whether he actually lived there, to which he replied affirmatively, saying he resides there.

Ferrer, who formerly presided his party, showed the three ballots after exiting the voting booth, evidencing his down-ballot vote for PDP candidates.

Once outside the polling site, Ferrer said he was confident he would prevail over his main opponent, NPP Rep. Jenniffer González. He rejected the notion of people opting to vote for a “shared” government in which he would have to perform his duties alongside the NPP’s Ricardo Rosselló as governor.

Considering his responsibilities would carried out in the U.S. capital, Ferrer expressed his preference for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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