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Héctor Ferrer endorsed to preside PDP

By on January 24, 2017

San Germán Mayor Isidro Negrón decided to endorse former resident commissioner candidate Héctor Ferrer to preside the Popular Democratic Party (PDP).

The PDP will soon select its next president after the announced departure from its current president and former gubernatorial candidate David Bernier, who will leave his post in February. Apart from Ferrer, another possible candidate is former Governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, who pondered a possible aspiration.

Héctor Ferrer stands before the crowd in PDP former gubernatorial candidate David Bernier's campaign closure. (Felipe Torres/CB)

Héctor Ferrer stands before the crowd in PDP former gubernatorial candidate David Bernier’s campaign closure. (Felipe Torres/CB)

“I will do everything I have to do to strengthen the party,” said Acevedo Vilá during a radio interview Monday with Radio Isla 1320. Both Acevedo Vilá and Ferrer have presided the collective in the past.

According to Negrón, Ferrer’s experience after presiding the party after a defeat makes him capable of doing it again and reorganizing the party after suffering an image blunder due to the public corruption case against its former fundraiser, Anaudi Hernández Pérez, who was linked to then-House Speaker Jaime Perelló.

“In 2009, after the Popular [Democratic] Party suffered the wide defeat it had, Héctor Ferrer assumed the presidency, reorganized the party, and prepared it for a great victory in 2012,” said the mayor in an interview with the same radio station.

The San Germán executive believes that Ferrer’s history as a PDP leader and his performance in the past elections elevate him to occupy the presidency one more time.

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“throughout this campaign, Héctor Ferrer ran his candidacy for resident commissioner, which received the most votes in the Popular Party, even more votes than the elected governor [Ricardo Rosselló], and I think he is the person who has been in tune with mayors and presidents of municipal committees for the past four years,” he explained.

Negrón added that if San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz aspired the vice presidency again he would also support her. In fact, Ferrer and Cruz convened a press conference Tuesday in which they will talk about the party’s candidacies.

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