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Ferrer Proposes Amending Air Cabotage Law

By on August 9, 2016

SAN JUAN – Resident commissioner candidate Héctor Ferrer said Tuesday that among his projects, if elected, is a proposal to amend the federal air cabotage law to exclude Puerto Rico.

The air cabotage law prohibits the transportation of people, property or mail for compensation or hire between points of the U.S. in a foreign civil aircraft.

Ferrer said that at the federal level, there is a precedent with the case of Alaska, which is exempt from said law.

The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) politician stated that the new benefit, if approved, would apply only to the Aguadilla airport, which has the facilities to manage a great volume of cargo, and various companies operate out of it. He then added that if approved by the federal government, the proposal would allow for the establishment of new industries that would create employment opportunities and inject new money into the economy.

hector ferrer

PDP candidate for resident commissioner Héctor Ferrer

“In Alaska, that tax benefit has helped a lot in the establishment of new companies and the subsequent creation of job opportunities,” Ferrer said in a press conference at (PDP) headquarters in Puerta de Tierra.

The candidate for resident commissioner explained that his proposal contrasts greatly with his New Progressive Party (NPP) rival for the position, Jenniffer González, who has dedicated her campaign to promoting statehood as a solution to the economic problems in Puerto Rico.

Ferrer went on to add that he present his proposal to private sector entrepreneurs and that they have been receptive to it.

“The government has to incentivize the industry again to encourage the creation of new and good job opportunities,” stated Ferrer while expressing confidence in his proposal being taken up by the federal government, which he said wouldn’t cost it a single dollar.




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