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Héctor Ferrer reacts to possible faceoff against Acevedo Vilá for PDP presidency

By on January 30, 2017

SAN JUAN – Héctor Ferrer, a former resident commissioner hopeful and now candidate to preside the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), said Monday that if he had to face former Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá for the post, it is the people who would decide the party’s fate.

Ferrer said he was aware of Acevedo Vilá’s desire to run for the party’s presidency and that the former resident commissioner is approaching several people from the party’s leadership to spread the word and gain support.

Héctor Ferrer (Felipe Torres/CB)

Héctor Ferrer (Felipe Torres/CB)

“He is in his right and the party decides. He is a beloved figure in the PDP; he will have many supporters. Everyone in the Popular Democratic Party holds Aníbal in very high esteem and it is a matter of votes. On Feb. 2, if Aníbal presents his candidacy, then we will vote and the party will decide where it will go,” Ferrer said in a Radio Isla interview.

The former representative explained that voting is done at the party’s general council, and it is a secret process. Voting will be held on Feb. 2 in Barceloneta, and the voting process ends next Friday.

“[PDP supporters] know both of us. The service record is out there, there is the work we have done with the Popular Democratic Party…. The effort I’m carrying out and will continue to is for the future of the Popular Democratic Party, in all its aspects: the structural aspect, philosophical aspect, political aspect, status. But it is up to the PDP community to establish it,” he affirmed.

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For his part, Acevedo Vilá has said that Ferrer’s candidacy isn’t ideal, because he wants to be a gubernatorial candidate for the 2020 general elections. Ferrer, meanwhile, reiterated he doesn’t see how his potential gubernatorial candidacy would impact his performance as the party’s president.

“I have said before and I reiterate that the 2020 candidacies are the 2020 candidacies. I haven’t ruled out any…. If I were the gubernatorial candidate, what would be the objection in me presiding the party? Don’t presidents from municipal committees aspire to be mayors? There is no logic behind signal that out as a deficiency or an obstacle,” he declared.

Meanwhile, former Sen. Ángel Rosa, who lost against Ferrer in the primary for resident commissioner, confirmed he is also aware of Acevedo Vilá’s aspiration.

“I have heard that Aníbal will make the official announcement midweek at PDP headquarters [in Puerta de Tierra]…. I have heard there are mayors who are being contacted, municipal leaders and delegates, because this is a decision that the party’s General Council will make,” he said in a WKAQ 580 radio interview.

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Rosa mentioned what he considers some of Acevedo Vilá’s virtues; among them, his knowledge of Washington, D.C. politics, which could benefit the party in light of the possible approval of Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz’s plebiscite bill, which will be considered in House on Tuesday.

“I spoke this weekend with some who were behind Héctor’s candidacy, but with Aníbal in the race, they are considering him,” he said, adding as he mentioned there are talks that San Lorenzo Mayor José “Joe” Román may run for the PDP presidency.

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