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Héctor Ferrer says former Sen. Maritere González’s case should serve as example

By on March 7, 2017


Sen. Mari Tere González

Former Sen. Mari Tere González (File)

SAN JUAN – The president of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), Héctor Ferrer, said Tuesday that the outcome of the judicial process begun against former Sen. Mari Tere González should serve as a precautionary note for anyone who tries to abuse the people of Puerto Rico’s trust in its elected officials.

He argued that the country expects more from elected officials and that it is up to them to restore people’s confidence in their institutions.

“I have always firmly believed that laws should apply to all equally, without distinction. Being in positions of public responsibility, we must measure ourselves and act according to a higher bar. The Popular Democratic Party has to be a reflection, today and in the future, of those values,” the party leader said in written statement.

He maintained that the legal process against González must continue its course and that the presumption of innocence and the procedural guarantees of the penal system will protect her rights as a citizen.

Judge Geisha Marrero, of the Court of First Instance in San Juan, found Monday cause for arrest against González, who was charged with 13 criminal counts by the Independent Special Prosecutor’s Office.

The charges were filed by two special prosecutors. The crimes attributed to the former senator are four of perjury, four for ideological falsification, possession and transfer of forged documents and one charge for violation of the Government Ethics Act. The bail was set at $65,000, $5,000 for each charge, which she paid.

The charges were filed by prosecutors Ramón Mendoza and Leticia Pabón. The preliminary hearing was scheduled for March 20.


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