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Highways PR-22, PR-5 using new lighting system

By on December 8, 2016

SAN JUAN – With an over $2.8 million investment, the operator of the PR-22 and PR-5, Metropistas, has revamped the lighting system of those freeways with the light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These new lights replace the conventional high-pressure sodium, fluorescent and metal halide lighting technology.

“With this lighting project already completed, the goal is to increase the visibility of drivers and provide them with greater reliability and safety when traveling on the road. In addition, they achieve greater energy efficiency as these lights consume between 60% to 70% less than conventional technologies, offering longer life of the system,” said Xavier Serra, Metropistas’ director of operations.

Metropistas worked with regional contractor Aireko, which evaluated the available alternatives and replaced 2,672 lights.

“With this project we promote economic and ecological sustainability by providing goods and services that can sustain for a long time without depleting our resources and damaging the environment,” said Francisco J. Uriarte, partner and president of Aireko capital group.

“We are not only complying with the investment program required by contract that includes improvements to pavements, bridges, lighting systems, signage, safety fences and others, but we continue with the commitment to obtain customer satisfaction by providing greater road safety at the same time we’re protecting the environment,” Serra added in Metropistas’ published announcement.

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