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Honor student participation at Animus Summit sponsored by Merck

By on November 30, 2017

The honor students study nursing, diagnostic sonography, biotechnology and microbiology. (Courtesy)

SAN JUAN – Global pharma giant Merck, in collaboration with the organizers of Animus, an event aimed at inspiring women in their personal and professional growth, is sponsoring the participation of nine honor students from Universidad del Este (UNE) to the third edition of Animus Summit.

The students will have the opportunity to attend the Friday conference to acquire educational tools that will help in their educational development on their path toward the professional world.

The pharmaceutical company sponsored the participation of April Talbert, a radiological sciences student who is currently a fellow of the Permanent Scholarship Fund, Ramón “Tito” Maldonado, established by Merck since 2007 to support students in science fields.

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Other students in the university’s honor program–undergraduates in nursing, diagnostic sonography, biotechnology and microbiology–will also be attending.

During the event, the students will meet summit panelists, including Merck General Manager Wendy Perry, who was invited to deliver her “Five Insights to be Aware as you Climb Corporate Ladders,” in which she will describe her experiences and recommendations to achieve professional growth.

“We are happy to provide the young women mentoring and training alternatives. Specifically, Animus seeks to empower women both professionally and personally, and I know it will be a great life experience that will give them tools to undertake and overcome any obstacle,” Perry said in a release.

The university’s dean, Dr. Mildred Huertas, added that she “the opportunity Merck offers our university students to participate in the largest women’s summit in the Americas, the Animus Summit, is exciting. I am sure and confident that the nine young women that will represent Universidad del Este will make the most of this experience of entrepreneurship, growth and innovation.”

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