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Hotel & Tourism Association Blasts Zaragoza on Video Lottery Remarks

By on May 18, 2016

SAN JUAN—The chairman of the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association, (PRHTA), Miguel Vega, criticized remarks made by Secretary of the Treasury (Hacienda) Juan Zaragoza questioning the amount of time it has taken to settle PRHTA’s case against Hacienda on the validity of the regulation to authorize video lotteries on the island.


PRHTA Chairman Miguel Vega

“The comments by the Secretary are ironic. We have been the victims of the proceedings instigated by Hacienda, even though our arguments are based on the law, and what we request of the Court is that it settles the case accordingly and pursuant to the law,” Vega noted.

“Hacienda, through the Department of Justice, continues to file numerous motions and elaborate diverse legal maneuvers directed at delaying the case and preventing any resolution,” Vega said about the case, currently being seen in the Court of First Instance. “We invite the press to corroborate the above with a mere inspection of the record of the case on file with the court secretary.”

Our recommendation to the secretary is for him to allow the resolution of the case without further delay so that we may all have the court’s decision on whether the secretary has the legal faculty to authorize gambling machines through regulatory means; or if on the contrary, it is imperative to amend current legislation to achieve that purpose,” stressed the PRHTA chairman. “That is the question. We are awaiting the reply.”

“We affirm that we are not going to waver in our request,” he went on to say. “If the implementation of video lotteries is allowed, we will go to all available forums to enforce our claims. The Treasury is not for spearheading initiatives by the secretary that may in time be deemed illegal.”


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