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House announces designations to preside three committees

By on November 17, 2016

SAN JUAN – House President-elect Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez announced Thursday who will preside the Health and Education committees, as well as a new one that will be created in January, the Special Education and Childhood Development Committee.

The new committee will focus on addressing the historic problem that has affected students and custodians of the public school system’s special education programs.

For the committee’s presidency, Méndez Núñez named Rep. Rafael “June” Rivera Ortega, of District 28 of Barranquitas, Comerío, Corozal and Naranjito. Rivera Ortega earned an associate’s degree in information technology, a bachelor’s in business administration and a major in marketing from Inter American University of Puerto Rico.

The recently elected House president explained he decided to create the committee to address the great challenges facing special education.

“I took the initiative to create this committee because the crisis in the special education program is one of this new administration’s biggest challenges. This House believes and will fight to improve services for special education systems, and nobody [is] better than ‘June’ Rivera, who has stood out for helping this student community, for being ahead of this effort,” Méndez Núñez said.

Meanwhile, the next House speaker announced he chose Rep. Guillermo Miranda Rivera to direct the Education Committee’s labors. Miranda Rivera was elected representative of District 12, which encompasses Morovis, Manatí, Vega Baja and Vega Alta, and who has had an extensive career as a teacher and school principal.

Newly elected House Speaker Carlos "Johnny" Méndez

Newly elected House Speaker Carlos “Johnny” Méndez (CB photo/ Agustín Criollo)

Méndez Núñez emphasized Miranda Rivera’s experience, who earned a bachelor’s degree in instrumental music education from Inter American University, a master’s in educational administration and supervision from Bayamón Central University, and a doctoral degree in educational management administration, also from the Inter American University.

“Guillo, as we know him, is a teacher by profession, but vocation above all. He shares our vision to empower schools and reduce bureaucracy. He began working as a teacher in 1996 in the Pedro N. Ortiz elementary school in Morovis, and served as principal in the Ricardo Rodríguez elementary school in the municipality of Florida. “His trajectory speaks for itself,” the next speaker said.

For another of the House’s central committees, Méndez Núñez designated Rep.-elect Juan Oscar Morales, from San Juan’s District 3Health Commission,  as its chairman.

Morales holds a bachelor’s degree in commercial administration from Universidad Católica and a master’s in human resources from the University of Phoenix, Puerto Rico campus. During his professional career, he has served as a director on the Health Insurance Administration (ASES by its Spanish acronym) between 1997 and 2010, apart from playing a crucial role in implementing and administering the health reform for western, northern, and northern-central regions, as well as the San Juan metro area. He also served as the human resources director for the Cooperatives Supervision & Insurance Corp. (Cossec by its Spanish acronym).

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