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House Collaborating with investigation into former Speaker Perelló

By on November 15, 2016

Former House Speaker Jaime Perelló. (File)

Former House Speaker Jaime Perelló. (File)

SAN JUAN – Acting House Speaker Roberto Rivera Ruiz de Porras announced Tuesday that he is collaborating with the Justice Department and its investigation into Rep. Jaime Perelló Borrás.

“The Justice Department has been requesting information from the House, which we have been delivering. The House is cooperating with all kinds of information,” Rivera Ruiz de Porras said in an interview with the press after his meeting with incoming Speaker Carlos” Johnny” Méndez.

The acting speaker declined to provide details of the information shared about Perelló because the Justice Department asked it to “not be [made] public.”

“Everything they ask of us and we can be transparent and can collaborate with, we are already doing and will be doing,” the legislator insisted.

Rivera Ruiz de Porras also indicated that Rep. José Báez has been given the information he requested regarding House documents and was referred to the Comptroller’s Office to obtain the full details of House contracts.

Last week, Justice Secretary César Miranda announced there is thought to be probable cause to initiate a preliminary investigation into Perelló Borrás. The information will be referred to the Independent Special Prosecutor’s Panel for the investigation, since it is in charge of investigations against lawmakers.

Perelló Borrás stepped down after being mentioned by convicted former Popular Democratic Party fundraiser Anaudi Hernández Pérez in his public corruption trial testimony.

The House awarded a contract to 3Comm Global, an Hernández Pérez company, for the installation of a telephone switchboard. Two audits, one internal and one external, found the process was plagued with irregularities. Perelló hid the audits’ results and it wasn’t until  Rivera Ruiz de Porras took over the speakership role that the documents were made public.

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