Friday, December 3, 2021

House Seeks to Find Luma in Contempt of Court

By on July 9, 2021

District judge denies Luma’s second request to withold documents

Lawyers representing the House of Representatives in a lawsuit to obtain information regarding the first month of operation of Luma Energy will file a motion next week to find the company in contempt.

Council Jorge Martínez Luciano, one of the lawyers hired by the lower chamber, said the motion would detail documents that Luma Energy refused to hand over to the commission investigating its contract and that now has switched gears to delve into its operations.

The company took over the transmission and distribution system of Puerto Rico’s power grid last June 1, but it has been mired in controversy due to an explosion in a power plant in San Juan that practically left the whole island in the dark and subsequent blackouts that raise questions about its management and credibility.

Today, Friday, district judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos denied a motion filed by Luma to reconsider his verdict that ordered the company to comply with the information request filed by the Committee on Economic Development, Planning, Telecommunications, Public-Private Partnerships, and Energy, which Rep. Luis Raúl Torres chairs.

Luma Energy had tried to move the case before federal bankruptcy judge Laura Taylor Swain, who oversees the proceedings of the commonwealth’s debt, but the request was denied.

“Certainly, people have the right to know issues regarding the utility. The fact that Luma is a private company does not shield them from providing information to the House of Representatives,” said Martínez Luciano.

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