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House Speaker-elect designates Development Commissions presidents

By on November 20, 2016

SAN JUAN — House Speaker-elect Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez announced Sunday the new presidents of the Regional Development Commissions, which he considers the central axis to boost the economy on Puerto Rico’s different geographic zones.

For that purpose he designated newcomer representative for District 1 of San Juan, Eddie Charbonier, to preside over the metropolitan region’s Development Commission, which includes the capital city; while the southern Development Commission was assigned to Jackeline Rodríguez – Dist. 25, which comprises Ponce, Juana Díaz and Jayuya.

House Speaker-elect Carlos "Johnny" Méndez (Inter News Service)

House Speaker-elect Carlos “Johnny” Méndez (Inter News Service)

Rep. Rodríguez listed several projects for her designated zone, including rehabilitating the Port of Ponce, fixing roads, and “working arduously for the economic development of the southern region’s municipalities.”

“Under this new House of Representatives, the Regional Development Commissions will have a protagonist role in fomenting a better quality of life for the residents of our beloved Puerto Rico,” expressed Méndez Núñez in written declarations.

He stated that “contrary to the past Legislative Assembly, we will bring the necessary support so these commissions transform into the mechanism to boost a new model of progress and development for all our people.”

To lead the western Development Committee, Méndez Núñez named Maricarmen Más, representative-elect of Dist. 19 Mayagëz-San Germán, who established among her priorities “empowering our most vulnerable communities,” such as creating jobs for women and prioritizing education.

Meanwhile, the South-Central Region’s Commission fell upon Representative-elect Ramón Luis Rodríguez, from Dist. 27 -Juana Díaz, Santa Isabel, Aibonito, Coamo and Salinas-, while the North-Central Region corresponds to Rep. Michael Abid Quiñones of Dist. 22, which encompasses Lares, Utuado, Adjuntas and Jayuya.

For his part, Rep. Ángel Peña Ramírez of Dist. 33 (Las Piedras, Juncos and San Lorenzo) will preside the East-Central Development Commission, and Samuel “Sammy” Pagán will command the East-Northeast Region.

“The island’s East-Northeast area was literally abandoned by García Padilla’s administration, [which is why] we have much to do on that zone: we will boost recreation and volunteering, but we will also focus on the infrastructure and economic development via tourism as the spear point,” said Pagán, who will represent Dist. 35, comprising Humacao, Naguabao and Las Piedras.

Méndez Núñez indicated that during the following days, the House will make important announcements related to the other commissions’ presidencies.

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