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House to investigate Donahue’s performance and Sevilla FC contract

By on January 23, 2017

SAN JUAN — The House of Representatives will begin initiate two investigations in the next few days into the performance of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s (Prepa) chief restructuring officer, Lisa Donahue, and her company, AlixPartners, and analyze the Puerto Rico Tourism Co.’s (PRTC) contracts for the past two years.

The first measure, House Bill 19, received support from all House delegations, since Donahue and her company have received more than $40 million to restructure Prepa’s $9 billion debt. In fact, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s administration has said the contract won’t be renewed in the future.

Prepa CRO Lisa Donahue (File Photo)

Prepa CRO Lisa Donahue (File Photo)

However, the second investigation, House Resolution 21, was greeted with opposition from the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), since it believes that it aims for details regarding the multimillion-dollar and confidential contract through which the Tourism Co. became a sponsor of the Sevilla Football Club.

However, the second investigation, House Resolution 21, received opposition from the delegation of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), which they believe is aimed at revealing details of the multimillion-dollar, confidential contract through which the Tourism Co. became sponsor of the Spanish football team Sevilla FC.

“Politicking with profitable transactions is throwing a good government over the cliff,” said PDP Rep. Ángel Matos, who presided the House Tourism Committee during the past administration.

Matos defended both the contract with Sevilla FC as well as the rest of PRTC’s contracts and their confidentiality, explaining that it wasn’t an unnecessary expense amid the crisis, since the public corporation “costs zero money to the Treasury.” He added that he would have favored the bill if it had been directed toward investigating everything related to the island’s tourism.

For his part, House Tourism Committee President Néstor Alonso defended the investigative resolution because he believes that publishing data related to PRTC contracts will help give the government “transparency.”

House speaker reiterates prohibition on record in floor 

Meanwhile, before ending work in the House’s ordinary session, House Speaker Carlos “Johnny” Méndez reminded legislators’ advisers and Capitol employees that take pictures and record inside the chamber is prohibited, so any person who infringes that ruling will be expelled by the sergeant of arms.

“This order is given so nobody on the House floor use any electronic device to broadcast live or take pictures,” Méndez said.

The speaker explained that recording or taking pictures inside the chamber’s stands is allowed, so if a legislator wishes to broadcast their expressions live, they would have to request any employee or collaborator and do it from above.

The House allows entry to photojournalists on special occasions, but only after prior authorization and announcement during the session.

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