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Humana launches community outreach, senior programs campaign

By on October 26, 2018

SAN JUAN – With a multimillion-dollar investment, Humana has launched a publicity campaign and community outreach programs aimed seniors. Under the “Vamos hay mucho por vivir!” or “Come on, There’s a lot to Experience!” slogan, the health insurer hopes to promote the achievement of new goals and projects while staying healthy.

The campaign includes events such as “Humana en tu Pueblo,” or “Humana in Your Town,” to be held across the island’s municipalities with renowned entertainers Luisito Vigoreaux and Noelia Crespo and their comedy show. In addition, as part of the effort, a “Humana University” course program will be offered at educational institutions to help the population adapt to technological advances.

“We want to encourage optimism while helping them with the variety of product options we have from Medicare Advantage plans to maintain optimal health. We see a large number of seniors who are alone or who have made the decision to stay in Puerto Rico while their family members emigrated to the United States.

“Many of them are looking for ways to have fun while making new friends. Given the [island’s] economic situation, we designed an offer that provides financial aid through our products,” said Luis A. Torres, president of Humana in Puerto Rico.

The production, made with local talent, put together everyday scenes of elderly people spending time with friends, going on a trip or having fun with grandchildren and relatives.

The company’s director of marketing and public relations, Sandra Estada, said the creative concept and its foundation were inspired from observing how seniors look for ways to achieve goals while valuing family relationships and friendships.

Humana has Medicare Advantage plans for coordinated care for people with dual Platinum and non-Platinum eligibility, Medication Plans and Supplemental Medicare coverage. Some of these, without referrals and Platinum products with reduced Medicare Part B premiums that start at $35 monthly, up to $85, among other benefits.

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