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Hurricane strong creatives; the industry weathers the storm

By on October 19, 2017

Just like the resilience shown by the entire island, the Creative Circle of Puerto Rico and collaborators from the local advertising industry rose to the challenge after Hurricane María by launching an effort called Hurricane Strong Creatives.

The effort was born right after the hurricane as advertisers, agencies and publishers struggled to reopen and to reestablish some sort of normalcy in operations. “I just noticed the situation right away and opened a tumblr account where creatives could just send me their info and I would post and share with other agencies and key people I know in the U.S. to see if we could soften the blow and contribute proactively,” said Aníbal Quiñones, Creative Director at Contáctica and founder of the Creative Circle of Puerto Rico.

Right after the initial effort, Jorge Bauzá and Claudio Chea, executive creative director and chief digital officer for iCrossing Puerto Rico, approached Quiñones with the idea to expand the effort and give it a broader and more powerful functionality through a website. That’s when was born.

“We’ve built a platform of creative professionals with the purpose of targeting agencies and recruiters. The data from both audiences will be used to help the platform gain quick visibility, organic relevance and also develop first party data based media targeting we can use to reach job opportunities on behalf of our creatives,” Chea explained. Josué Rodríguez was the digital designer in charge of the website.

The website bills itself as a a platform that serves as a meeting place between Hurricane Strong Creatives and brands or agencies looking for talented people. Recruiters will be able to upload positions available, brands will be able to post projects available and talent will be able to register as Hurricane Strong Creatives. In addition to the website the team will develop a campaign targeted at recruiters from the U.S. This campaign will feature Facebook ads, Google ads, programmatic media strategy, retargeting ads and an email marketing campaign.

“Before the hurricane, our talent pool was already strong. Strong creatives, planners, media strategists, digital and social thinkers and innovators. This hurricane just made us stronger and our wish is that this effort shows, in an even broader way, how Puerto Ricans can contribute to the global advertising industry,” Bauzá said.

The effort also shows a new reality that can be emulated by other local industries–collaboration between different companies and individuals focused on the greater good.

“We wish to approach and be approached by other industries and show that, beyond creatives, Puerto Rico has hurricane-strong professionals from all industries,” Quiñones added.

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