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In a Wait-And-See for Leo Díaz Urbina’s Committee

By on November 8, 2016

SAN JUAN – Edwin Mundo, the campaign director of Leo Díaz Urbina, complained Tuesday of the State Elections Commission’s (CEE by its Spanish initials) pace in making the results of the contest for mayor of San Juan public.

While 20,000 votes had already been counted for the gubernatorial candidacies, Mundo said only 5,000 votes had been counted for the candidacy for mayor of San Juan.

Those results showed Díaz Urbina, the candidate of the New Progressive Party, with 200 votes under Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto, who ran for re-election by the Popular Democratic Party (PDP).

“There is a mess in the way of transmitting the results … We asked our officials to stay there,” said Mundo, who added that there will be projections eventually but that cannot be done for the moment with “such dissimilar numbers.”

Leo Díaz Urbina, candidate for San Juan mayor casts his vote. (CB photo/ Efrén Rodríguez)

San Juan mayoral candidate Leo Díaz Urbina arrives at  casts his polling school to cast his vote. (CB photo/ Efrén Rodríguez)

According to Mundo, with the counting machines all the results should be given at the same time. He maintained that there were problems with the machines since Diaz Urbina had to put his ballot in a box because in his school the machines did not work as expected.

In San Juan, the NPP had 132 electoral units; 513 electoral colleges plus 132 colleges more added by hand for a total of 645 colleges and about 2,067 officials, said Mario Gonzalez, the platform director.

“There are schools where even after 3 in the afternoon there were voters voting,” said the official.

It was reported that Diaz Urbina will speak to his supporters on his committee once a clear trend is seen over who won the people’s favor in the election race for San Juan. Meanwhile, his followers began to congregate on his committee in Hato Rey.

On the other hand, González said that Díaz Urbina has “several contrasts” with his main contender, the current mayor Cruz Soto. The north of the Diaz platform is economic development.

Among his first tasks will be to reorganize the Permits Office so that traders can obtain permits quickly and “not wait a year.”

Although Cruz Soto recently signed an ordinance to create the “Community Land Bank,” an entity that collects abandoned buildings and houses for the community to use again, Díaz Urbina proposes the Housing Development Corporation to buy abandoned assets and Resell them to be able to repopulate the capital.

The Diaz platform contains a plan where several municipalities will consolidate resources to provide services in different areas such as security and garbage collection. “With that vision, we will integrate some services that are critical for our people,” the political aid said.

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