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Increase in Listening to Music/Radio Online

By on June 3, 2017

Internet radio / music streaming has been on the rise in Puerto Rico for the past five years, as more and more websites and apps appear that conveniently place all of our favorite music genres and artists easily accessible in one portable platform.

According to this week’s Gaither International survey, among respondents interviewed so far in 2017, 18% report having listened to music / radio online within the past month, an estimated 612,000 people in Puerto Rico. Overall, the incidence of this category has risen by 6 percentage points since 2014.

The top-three music apps or sites being used to stream music are: Pandora (47%), YouTube (39%) and Spotify (17%), followed by SoundCloud (6%), Google Play (4%), iTunes (3%), TuneIn Radio (2%) and Apple Music (2%). Another 6% of respondents said they used another site or they do not recall which one they used.

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“The data totals more than 100% since we ask users which streaming sites or apps they listened to in the past week,” and respondents could choose more than one answer, said Melanie Dederick, a client service associate at Gaither International.

Among online music / radio listeners, the High and Middle lifestyle tiers, which pertain to socioeconomic indicators, are overrepresented when compared to the distribution of the total population. They are also more educated, with 37% report having a college education—compared with 31% of the total population—and in terms of age.

Many of these listeners are also from the younger age groups, as 20% are 18 years old and younger, 42% are 18 to 34 years old, 30% are 35 to 54 and only 8% are among the 55 and older segment.

“We don’t ask directly what device they use to stream music, but when asked which devices respondents have in their households that could be used to stream music, 85% report having a smartphone, 36% have a laptop, 30% have a videogame console, another 30% have a tablet and 7% have a desktop computer,” Dederick said. “As you can see, these are heavy technology users, which reaffirms to us that this segment pertains generally to higher lifestyle tiers.”

However, Dederick said when comparing the top two sites / apps used for streaming—excluding YouTube since it is a video app instead of exclusively a music streaming app—the profiles vary.

For example: Pandora users are much older than users of Spotify, as 32% of Pandora users are ages 35 to 54, while only 18% of Spotify users are within that segment. In contrast, 35% of Spotify users are 18 and younger, while this segment represents only 15% of Pandora users. Additionally, Spotify users pertain more to the High lifestyle tier than those of Pandora’s. Gaither found that 14% of Pandora users are classified in the High lifestyle tier, compared with 24% of Spotify users.

Among music streamers, it is likely that these respondents listen to music while exercising, Dederick noted, as 38% of this segment reports exercising regularly, while among the total population the percentage is 31%. “Another notable characteristic of this segment is that they are more fluent in English (35%) when compared to the total population (27%),” she added.

Little impact on local radio stations

Dederick explained that the results do not indicate that fewer people are listening to local radio stations. “The incidence of listening to local radio “yesterday” experienced a drop of 10 percentage points since 2014, but it has remained at 37% since 2016, meaning the same number of people have kept listening to local radio since last year.”

“Since lower lifestyle tiers do not necessarily have the same access to devices or internet connections that the higher tiers do, I do not believe internet radio has edged out local radio yet. The reality of Puerto Rico’s population is that more [people belong to the] Middle-Low and Low lifestyle tiers,” she said.

The results are from Gaither International’s Media Brand Profiles tracking survey, which interviews around 500 people weekly among a representative sample of Puerto Rico’s population 12 years and older.

–Polling is conducted by Gaither International and results are reported exclusively by Caribbean Business.

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