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Insurance company seeks to end gender violence

By on December 14, 2018

SAN JUAN – At a time when more than 30 women have been killed in Puerto Rico and more has to be done to eliminate gender violence, the private sector is taking a stand to promote women empowerment.

Chubb Insurance has launched a program called “The Power of Diversity,” which teaches young girls about empowerment and being self-reliant.

“More companies have to commit to and join the conversation about diversity. There has to be less talk and more action. That is what we wanted to do at Chubb, to bring out the message of empowerment and gender,” said Nelmarie Monge, human resources director for Puerto Rico and Central America at Chubb.

Company officials are footing the bill for life coaches and company officials to visit schools to give young girls the tools to become successful and improve their self-esteem.

Monge said the program is based on five points: “The first is follow your passion; make it fun. The second is to strive to be better and add value. The third is be resilient and adapt to change. The fourth is to work as a team and the fifth is to have your own key to success; we are all different.”

Chubb has already offered workshops in different schools such Adianez, Radians and Francisco Oller. During the workshops, life coaches such as Jesús Donato and Yamily Ortiz speak to the students and engage in games and exercises that promote communication, motivation, resiliency and working as a team.

While the talks are geared toward girls, boys also participate in the workshops.

Mary Letty Hernández, chief financial officer for Chubb, told students about her experiences in the labor force and gave them advice about their career choices.

“Don’t allow other people to tell you what you should study. The moment you do something you don’t like or can’t do, you will feel incomplete. Do what you are passionate about and work to reach it. You will make mistakes but, from them, you learn and get up,” she said.

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