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InterContinental Hotel Shuts Down its Casino

By on January 25, 2016

SAN JUAN – The casino at the Intercontinental San Juan Hotel, in the Isla Verde sector of Carolina, closed down operations Monday, the hotel’s management announced. It is the ninth casino to close in Puerto Rico in the past five years.

“The operations at InterContinental San Juan Hotel are not affected by this decision and all aspects related to such will proceed without interruption,” reads a short statement by the company.

“It has been public knowledge that the casino industry in Puerto Rico has declined in recent years and the casino at the InterContinental San Juan Hotel has also been affected by the situation,” it added.

Michael Herrmann, general manager at the 398-room hotel, said that various efforts to improve the casino’s performance were affected by the prevalent economic environment on the island, as well as other factors. He did not specify how many jobs were being affected as a result of the closing.

“In light of such a situation, we decided to close the casino after a rigorous evaluation process,” Herrmann noted. “This has been a difficult decision, but the alternatives to keep the casino open were very limited, in great part because it has been operating at a loss for several years.”


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