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Interim executive director appointed at Puerto Rico Statistics Institute

By on October 30, 2018

SAN JUAN – The chairman of the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics, Arnaldo Cruz, announced Monday that Dr. Orville Disdier Flores was appointed interim executive director until further notice.

“Since the end of last week, the Board of Directors of the Institute of Statistics has been in communications to be able to convene in an extraordinary meeting with the largest possible participation of members and be able to deal with this important issue that directly came to our attention in the last Friday, October 26, by the Executive Director himself, Dr. Mario Marazzi Santiago. That same day, Dr. Marazzi Sanitago, voluntarily, chose to communicate and request me as chairman of the Board of Directors to allow him to temporarily step aside from his duties in order to attend to his personal matters. In addition, he recommended the appointment of the deputy director of the Institute, Dr. Orville Disdier Flores, to guarantee continuity of the plans and work of the institution,” Cruz said in a statement.

“Both requests of Dr. Marazzi Santiago were accepted and communicated to other members of the Board of Directors; therefore, at this time and until further notice, Dr. Disdier Flores will be in charge of the Institute and has been named Interim Executive Director. Although this is a personal matter for the Executive Director that is not related to his professional functions and I recognize the professional career of Dr. Marazzi Santiago in his more than 11 years in front of the Institute, it is our responsibility to take all the measures that are necessary to ensure the integrity and reputation of the Statistics Institute of Puerto Rico,” he added.

He also said he was still waiting to hold the extraordinary meeting to address this issue.

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