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Jenniffer González calls for people to stop Donald Trump

By on March 2, 2016

The chairwoman of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico, Jenniffer González, called on followers of that party on the island to go out and vote in the primaries this coming Sunday in order to stop the progress of aspiring presidential candidate Donald Trump.

González, who is also the leader of the New Progressive Party delegation in the House of Representatives, said that many people have expressed concern with the candidacy of Donald Trump, “but if they do not go out to vote, that opposition does not have any value.”

She urged followers of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico to go out and vote this Sunday to provide a great victory to senator Marco Rubio, “who is a new leader that will give a new drive to that party and to the United States in general.”

The Republican Party in Puerto Rico, which will hold its primaries this Sunday, will open some 110 voting centers throughout the island.

That limited number of voting center will result in a significant drop in voters, estimated by the electoral commissioner of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico, Edwin Mundo, between 20,000 and 30,000 voters, compared to the 126,000 that voted in the primaries held in 2012 and for which some 3,240 voting centers were made available.

The local leadership of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico headed by González, Zoraida Fonalleda and former governor Luis Fortuño support Rubio’s candidacy. They believe that if Rubio wins in Puerto Rico, he will arrive to Florida with a good momentum, and if he were to win in that state, she said Puerto Rico would have a significant role in that victory.

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