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Jenniffer González confident in statehood support from Trump’s administration

By on December 6, 2016

Governor-elect Ricardo Rosselló’s administration has a defined plan to actively promote statehood for Puerto Rico during their first week in office.

The first course of action will be filing a bill in Jan. 3 to the U.S. Congress for Puerto Rico’s admission as a state. The measure will be filed the same day Resident Commissioner-elect Jenniffer González will take an oath of office, accompanied by Rosselló.

Rep. Jenniffer González, House minority spokeswoman for the NPP and resident commissioner candidate

Rep. Jenniffer González, NPP House minority leader and resident commissioner-elect. (File)

Positive of the outcome, González assured she trusts in her good relations with President-elect Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, who presides over the U.S. Republican Party (GOP), and who is on good terms with U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“The relations we have with Priebus are the best because we have worked directly with him in the Republican Party,” affirmed González, chairwoman of the Puerto Rico Republican Party.

Likewise, González emphasized Dr. Ben Carson’s designation as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), whom she identified as an ally to Puerto Rico and who attended the New Progressive Party (NPP) Convention in Fajardo’s El Conquistador hotel.

In its pro-statehood plan, the NPP scheduled a series of activities in Washington, D.C. come January, once they file the bill of admission of Puerto Rico as a state. Among these stands out a great manifestation in the U.S. capital in March to commemorate the 100th anniversary of granting U.S. citizenship to Puerto Ricans.

The goal of these activities, according to the incoming resident commissioner, is to draw Americans’ public opinion to the motion for statehood and for Trump’s administration to act on the island’s colonial condition.

González has emphasized that as resident commissioner she will aim to transform that occupation in order to become a commercial and economic development ambassador.

“In this role as commercial and economic development ambassador the commissioner, official representative of the people of Puerto Rico in the federal capital according to federal laws, must serve as a link between the industry, the local government, and the federal government. Therefore, Ricardo Rosselló and I propose the Center of Federal Opportunities that will transform the [Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration], redirecting its role to what it should really do: draft bills, supervise, bring incentives and look for refinancing sources, and fulfill federal programs,” she declared.

The NPP politician has also emphasized that last summer the GOP approved in its national convention in Cleveland to boost Puerto Rico’s decolonization, acknowledging results from the 2012 plebiscite, in which voters chose Statehood.

“The national Republican Party has supported Puerto Rico’s decolonization via statehood, just like former presidents and presidential candidates have expressed it as well. The moment we live in is historic. The three U.S. government branches have refuted the fallacy of the bilateral pact and uncovered the island’s embarrassing colonial reality. The moment to act is now, and the Republican Party, of which I will be a majority member in the next Congress, is tracing a decolonizing route,” maintained the resident commissioner-elect.

González insisted that contrary to previous platforms, the text approved by the Republican Party is a trascendental step en route to statehood, becoming the most complete text to address Puerto Rico’s status problem.

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