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Jenniffer González Praises Tourism Company Nomination

By on December 22, 2016

SAN JUAN — Resident Commissioner-elect Jenniffer González congratulated Thursday José Izquierdo for his nomination as the Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s director, while announcing they will work together as part of her economic development agenda.

Resident Commissioner-elect Jenniffer González (CyberNews Photo)

Resident Commissioner-elect Jenniffer González (CyberNews Photo)

“I am proud of Izquierdo’s nomination, I know his professionalism, performance and vision for Puerto Rico. A driven leader with international experience, who is also part of my work team in the [Puerto Rican] Republican Party and during my campaign. I know that we will work together to enable Puerto Rico’s economic development in tourism,” said Jenniffer González in written declarations.

Izquierdo leads the Advising Committee of the Puerto Rican Republican Party, presided by Jenniffer Cleveland, Ohio. Until recently, Izquierdo was secretary-general of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), as well as executive director of the North America Boxing Organization (NABO) and the Intercontinental Boxing Organization.

Apart from his experience in global boxing organizations, his academic preparation in Humanities, Government and Law add to his experience in the Executive Branch, both locally in the Economic Development & Commerce Department, as well as in the White House; experience in the Legislative Branch by advising legislative committees, and several leadership occupations ad president of the Federal Bar Association (FBA).

“Governor [elect] Rosselló has made excellent designations that denote dynamism, commitment, seriousness and work capacity to lead Puerto Rico toward the path of economic growth. Today’s designation of Izquierdo is not the exception, on the contrary, it is a great choice and represents the capacity and will of a new generation of Puerto Ricans to face challenges and potentiate our island internationally,” stated the resident commissioner-elect.

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