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Jenniffer González to Take the Fight for Statehood to Washington

By on May 11, 2016

SAN JUAN–Rep. Jenniffer González, the aspiring candidate for Resident Commissioner from the New Progressive Party (NPP), said on Wednesday that she will arrive in Washington in January of next year with an aggressive plan to push for Puerto Rico’s statehood.

Rep. Jenniffer González Colón

Rep. Jenniffer González Colón

Among other efforts, she revealed plans to organize a massive rally in front of the White House and the U.S. Congress on March 2 of next year, commemorating the centenary of the granting of American citizenship to Puerto Ricans. She explained that the rally’s purpose is to call the attention of the federal government so that it acts on the petition of statehood that will be presented in Congress.

“As soon as I arrive to Congress in January, I will file an admission act so that Congress acts and begins to work towards giving us statehood,” said González before the “Igualdad” (Equality) group, which calls for Puerto Rican statehood.

Taking as a given the triumph of the NPP in the coming general elections in Puerto Rico, González said that the pro-statehood plan that the new government would promote in all forums in the U.S. starting in January, will include the filing of admission act for Puerto Rico as a state, as well as the mobilization of people before different entities of the federal government, including the White House, to get the attention of public opinion in the U.S.

“We will express ourselves before the White House, Congress and various entities of the federal government for us to be heard and for our demand for statehood for Puerto Rico to be addressed,” said González, adding that as part of the Tennessee Plan, five “members of Congress” and two “senators” will go before the federal Senate to put pressure on the issue of statehood.

Before the group of statehood followers, headed by former president of the University of Puerto Rico José Manuel Saldaña, González said that statehood is the real option to address the serious fiscal and economic crisis in Puerto Rico, and while she respects independence, it is not a real options, much less the commonwealth.

“Commonwealth is what has brought us to this disaster,” said González.

The NPP leader reiterated that statehood is equality and rejected the discourse of commonwealth supporters who call for parity in federal funds.

“Parity is not equality and we ask for equality in everything; that is why we look for statehood,” she said before the enthusiastic audience at a restaurant in the Condado sector of San Juan.

González, who is also the president of the Republican Party of Puerto Rico, will face Carlos Ignacio Pesquera in a primary in June 5 for the candidacy for Resident Commissioner in Washington from the NPP.

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