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Jenniffer González wants to transform the role of Resident Commissioner

By on August 27, 2016

The New Progressive Party’s (NPP) candidate for Resident Commissioner in Wahington, D.C., Jennifer González Colón, announced the transformation of the commissioner’s role to remodel her into a commercial and economic development ambassadress.

González Colón presented several of her economic growth proposals during the forums of the candidates for Resident Commissioner in Washington, sponsored by the Association of General Contractors.

Jenniffer González

NPP Resident Commissioner candidate Jennifer González Colón presented her plan for economic development and transformation of her desired role in Washington, D.C.

“In this role as as commercial and economic development ambassadress, the commissioner–Puerto Rico’s official representative in the federal capital, according to federal laws–must serve as the link between the industry, the local government, and the federal government,” explained the pro-statehood politician.

Therefore, she stated that she and the NPP’s gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló Nevares propose the creation of the Federal Opportunities Center, which would transform the current Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA), “redirecting its function to what it really should be: the creation of propositions, supervision, bringing incentives and looking for refinancing sources and fulfilling federal programs.”

González Colón, who is also the NPP’s spokesperson in the House of Representatives, pointed out that Puerto Rico has lagged regarding infrastructure development.

She considers it essential to launch infrastructure works “both for immediate job creation as well as maximizing economic development in medium and long terms, to make the island more attractive for establishing new industries and expanding existing ones.”

“If we were a state, we wouldn’t have to fight for equal funds, for the removal of discriminatory processes in every federal proyect and program. We are discriminated against for being a territory and we only receive 50% of the infrastructure funds while states receive about 80%. Out of the 841 federal fund programs, we only compete in 214,” explained the legislator.

She stated thats she will promote to “make the most out of the recent designation of nearly all Puerto Rico as HUBZones.  This program seeks 3% of federal government purchases to be made in small and medium Community companies and organizations within the zone under said designation.”

“The designation of Puerto Rico as HUBZones is something that I have been advocated for some time and that was included in Promesa’s (Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act) approval,” added the NPP spokesperson.

The Resident Commissioner candidate talked about specific projects that seek federal funds for road completions, like the road section of the PR-10 between Utuado and Adjuntas and the José Celso Barbosa Highway (PR-53) from Yabucoa to Guayama, and extending the de Diego Highway (PR-22) from Hatillo to Aguadilla, among others.

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