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JMD Communications recognized at SME Digital Awards for FirstBank campaign

By on May 22, 2019

Orlando Vélez, digital strategist at JMD Communications; Vanessa Negrón, product manager at FirstBank; and Edgar Palerm, account director at JMD (Courtesy)

Ad agency receives gold, silver at Sales & Marketing Executives of Puerto Rico ceremony

JMD Communications, an advertising agency with 23 years’ experience, was recognized for its strategy during the Digital Awards of the Sales and Marketing Executives Association (SME) of Puerto Rico.

JMD, which describes itself as a one-stop shop agency, where clients are provided all related services in one place, won first place in the “Best Video Execution” category for its “Se Acabaron las Excusas” (No more Excuses”) campaign for FirstBank; and second place in the “Best Use of Content Marketing” category for the same campaign.

“For us, there is no greater recognition than a satisfied customer, whose business goals are achieved thanks to a good communication strategy. We do not consider ourselves an advertising agency, we are a business partner to our clients. The awards received reflect the commitment we have to our clients and the quality of the work we offer,” said Joey Jiménez, president of JMD Communications.

For his part, Carlos Dávila Rinaldi, JDM’s creative director, said it was a “shared triumph,” and explained that a “good campaign is always the result of a good briefing, accompanied by an excellent creative group. We had both. A client who knew how to communicate what they wanted and a creative team that gave life to a great idea. This is the result when client and agency are one.”

“We are very happy with the awards the ‘Se Acabaron las Excusas’ campaign won at the recent SME Digital Awards. We thank our agency, JMD Communications, for the excellent work carried out with the creative and execution of the campaign, which helped us bring our business goals to fruition,” said Michelle Santiago, vice president and product manager of Deposits and Debit at FirstBank.

JMD offers ad, media and public relations services to a variety of clients and industries. The agency reinvented itself by adding digital and customer relationship management services to its portfolio to deliver a holistic communications strategy for its clients.

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