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La Fortaleza opens its gates to honor P.R. Olympic delegation

By on August 23, 2016

fotoconwatermark PUR fortalezaSAN JUAN — Gov. Alejandro García Padilla welcomed Tuesday in La Fortaleza the delegation that represented Puerto Rico in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

La Fortaleza opened its gates so the public could celebrate and bond with the athletes.

During the activity, in which the Puerto Rico State Band played Puerto Rico’s anthem, the governor acknowledged the Puerto Rican delegation’s performance and even gave a symbolic medal to both Javier Culson and Franklin Gómez.

The act of recognition act with García Padilla, the athletes and the president of the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee (Copur by its Spanish acronym), Sara Rosario, was witnessed by the public.

Before the public ceremony, the governor met privately with the delegation.

First lady Wilma Pastrana Jiménez, Sports and Recreation Secretary Ramón Orta and others were also present at the event.

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