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Labor Releases List of Employers Not Paying Holiday Bonus

By on December 9, 2016

Puerto Rico Labor Secretary Vance Thomas

Puerto Rico Labor Secretary Vance Thomas

SAN JUAN—The Puerto Rico Labor Department revealed Friday that the agency received 944 requests from private employers for exemption in paying the holiday bonus, 20 less than those received in 2015. The requests were processed by the agency’s labor rules division

Look at the list of employers here

“Out of these, 788 requests have been accepted, which means that the employer is exonerated from paying the bonus. Meanwhile, 131 have been partially accepted, which means employers must pay no more than 15% of total profits, and 25 requests have been denied,” said Carlos Maldonado, assistant director of the agency division, via a written statement.

The official added that 108,270 workers will be affected by the exemption. These break down into 75,437 employees of companies receiving full exemption and 32,833 employees of companies receiving partial exemption. Employees from companies who were denied exemption total 951.

Out of the 964 requests sent to the Labor Department last year, 800 were accepted, 146 were partially accepted, and 18 were denied. The agency’s labor rules division also processed 653 complaints about unpaid Christmas bonuses in 2015, out of which the agency recovered $167,262 in bonus payments, benefiting 269 workers. An additional 285 complained were submitted to the agency’s legal division.

Employers who do not comply with holiday bonus payments, as established by Act 34 of 1969, could be fined an amount that is half of the bonus if it is paid within the first six months. If the payment takes longer than that, the employer must pay the same amount as the bonus as additional compensation.

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