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Lamb agribusiness opens in Puerto Rico

By on November 19, 2016

After two years of setbacks and obstacles, the Proyecto Matria (Motherland Project) organization celebrated Saturday the inauguration of the Puerto Rico Agro-Cordero (Agro-Lamb) agribusiness, dedicated to raising and producing lamb meat on the island.

The project began to develop by its proprietor, Ivelisse Arroyo Montalvo, during Practical Entrepreneurship seminars offered by Matria. After the evaluation process of the idea’s viability, it was confirmed that the micro-enterprise displays successful projections because of lamb meat’s popularity on the island, apart from its health benefits.

The agribusiness is located in Guánica. (Provided)

The agribusiness is located in Guánica. (Provided)

One of lamb meat’s primary benefits is the quantity of nutrients it supplies the human body. The Lana farm, where the lamb breeding agribusiness is located, will use an agroecological methodology to raise the animals in harmony with the environment.

Despite difficulties to develop the agribusiness, Arroyo Montalvo and Proyecto Matria didn’t spare efforts to achieve the project’s solidification. Matria also highlighted its own effort to help Puerto Rican women start their own companies.

“In Matria, we acknowledge and validate participants as warriors capable of overcoming inequality and embarking a life full of hope and solidarity that allows their full human development,” expressed Raquel Delgado Valentín, human development coordinator of Proyecto Matria’s western region.

To achieve the company’s formation, the organization used its economic development model focused on human rights, which incorporates psychosocial, economic, community, and ethical components to achieve integral human development. This holistic system seeks to acknowledge the Puerto Rican woman’s needs in a just and egalitarian way.

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