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Latin Media House prepares operations for the future

By on June 30, 2017

SAN JUAN — Latin Media House, owner of the leading business and lifestyle publishing brands in Puerto Rico, underwent a restructuring process this week that resulted in an 11 percent workforce reduction.  

Departments and publications were part of the across-the-board change, which reflects the proactive management approach at Grupo LMH, of which Latin Media House is a part, as well as DRSI Call Center and Distribution Integrated Services. The need to maximize resources and efficiency are similar for media companies in Puerto Rico and all over the world.  

“We are preparing for the future of publishing while at the same time adjusting to a local reality. The future market for our products is mainly outside of Puerto Rico, but we need to make sure our local operations are economically viable and lean,” said Heiko Faass, CEO of the group of companies. “None of this is easy, but we are on good track, which the unbelievably positive feedback for our renewed publications like Imagen, Buenavida or Caribbean Business show – or the demand for our recently launched CB en Español,” he added

The Spanish-language business newspaper CB en Español is one of the latest new products at Latin Media House. By the end of summer, 100,000 copies will be distributed weekly, with a majority in the San Juan metro area and about 30,000 copies spread throughout the island, targeting readers with purchasing power, like its big brother, Caribbean Business.

Having started in late 2015, during its first year of operations Grupo LMH moved its three major publications online and launched various new ones, such as the official magazine of Atención Atención, CB en Español and most recently “the CB Guide to Moving to Puerto Rico.”

LMH’s Distribution Integrated Services circulates some 800 newspapers, magazines, books and discs throughout the island, everywhere from the airport to major retail chains, to smaller points of sale. “If you buy any publication today in Puerto Rico, chances are you got it from us, either one we produced or distributed,” Faass said.

Gaither International confirmed in March that LMH’s Imagen and Buenavida lifestyle magazines are the island’s top sellers.

With the changes implemented in operations and the editorial department this week, the company anticipates no further changes for the foreseeable future.

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