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Lawmaker proposes adopting policy of confrontation against Puerto Rico fiscal board

By on April 4, 2018

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) Rep. Denis Márquez introduced a resolution Tuesday to decree a “policy of no collaboration and confrontation” against the island’s fiscal oversight board, which was established under the Promesa federal law, during the government’s budget approval process.

“It is time for the Legislative Assembly to act in the face of the abuses of the fiscal control board and take affirmative steps–beyond symbolic expressions–to guarantee the defense of the interests of the people of Puerto Rico,” said the pro-independence spokesman about Concurrent Resolution 72.

Márquez believes the fiscal board serves as “a collection agency” to benefit creditor interests. With the measure filed, the lawmaker proposes excluding the board from the budget approval process through what he described as a “policy of confrontation.”

Senator proposes stopping Puerto Rico fiscal board funding

Specifically, the measure proposes not submitting the approved budget to the fiscal panel chaired by José Carrión III, to prevent it from determining whether it endorses or rejects the document. Were the board to then prepare and submit its own version of the budget, the Legislature would not approve it.

The resolution also proposes not allocating a budget for the board, joining PIP Sen. Juan Dalmau, who filed a resolution Tuesday to have the disbursement of salaries, contracting and board spending halted.

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