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Lawyers Association Calls Moratorium Law Radical, Abusive

By on April 16, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Lawyers Association opposes the Moratorium Act and strongly criticized the process by which the measure was approved.

The association’s president, Héctor R. Ramos, condemned that public hearings were not held to determine the negative scope of the law and that island sectors could not expressed themselves on it.

The Puerto Rico Emergency Moratorium & Financial Rehabilitation Act “has nothing to do with democracy and is an irrational abuse of power by the government following a hastily approved measure without holding public hearings,” the association leader said.

“The failure of the statute does not subscribe to legal or philosophical abstractions but rather to gross violations of the Constitution of Puerto Rico, ranging from the constitutional mandate to pay the public debt, the prohibition of appropriating private property without fair compensation and without due process of law, the obligation to not breach contracts, the deprivation of access to justice for those affected, to the separation of powers through the provision intended to prevent courts from hearing cases and disputes related to the law,” he added.

For Ramos, the declaration of a state of emergency is not a valid excuse nor justifies “the violation of rights or the abolition of legal mandates.”

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