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Layoffs at Capitol alleged to be politically motivated

By on February 16, 2017

The Puerto Rico Capitol in San Juan (CB photo/Luis J. Valentín)

The Puerto Rico Capitol in San Juan (CB photo/Luis J. Valentín)

SAN JUAN – The president of the Popular Public Servants Organization, Juan Vega Quiñónez, said Wednesday that the entity, which works on behalf of Popular Democratic Party supporters, will provide guidance to the employees laid off at the Capitol, which he alleged happened for “political reasons.”

His remarks came after more than 100 employees were dismissed effective immediately Wednesday from the Capitol.

“It’s the second round of layoffs at the Capitol; we know about several of the cases of dismissed colleagues in detail and we have no doubt that the motivation behind these layoffs is purely political,” Vega Quiñónez said in a written statement.

“That is why, immediately after the first layoffs took place in January, we are offering legal assistance and advice to the colleagues who so desire. This is in collaboration with Popular Lawyers,”Vega Quiñónez said.

The president of the organization said he regretted that an employee’s political affiliation was used to decide if they deserve a job at the Capitol, but clarified that he understands that positions of trust are left to the discretion of their employers.

“Puerto Rican workers are competent and talented, and an employer’s ideology should not have weight when it comes to deciding whether to continue employing them. […] we should leave those old styles in the past; if they did, they would gain much more than an election: They would gain the respect of a whole country,” he added.



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