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Leo Díaz Sure of Prevailing Against Carmen Yulín Cruz

By on March 2, 2016

The aspiring candidate for mayor of San Juan from the New Progressive Party (NPP), Leo Díaz Urbina, today seemed sure of prevailing in the next general elections in November over current San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Díaz Urbina said that his candidacy has the support of a wide number of voters from the Popular Democratic Party in San Juan who do not endorse Cruz for her positions contrary to those of Governor Alejandro García Padilla and her poor performance as mayor, mainly with the poor communities in the capital.

“My candidacy has the support of great sectors of the Popular [Democratic] Party and independentistas [members of the Puerto Rican Independence Party] in San Juan,” said Díaz Urbina during a radio interview in San Juan.

Without going into details, Díaz Urbina said that his polls place him far ahead Mayor Cruz, who he described as an ambivalent person that while rejecting U.S. citizenship, she depends on federal funds for her public works. He added that the NPP would not only win in San Juan but throughout the island.

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