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Let’s live by the Law of Abundance!

By on August 21, 2021



For more than a year Puerto Rico has endured the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a challenge not only to our physical health but also to what we

could call our mental, emotional and social health. Yes, we need to take precautions against COVID-19, from social distancing to wearing masks, but we have to find a way through which we continue to ensure our growth as people and as members of society. This requires a new approach; it calls for living according to a new philosophy, living according to the “Law of Abundance.”

Yes! In abundance! … One of our primary objectives as humans is to live well and in health. So, when we start to think and see things under the magnifying glass of abundance, our life immediately takes a 180 -de- gree turn. Our emotional coherence helps us to trace our horizon and as architects of our lives, we can attract and cultivate positive thoughts, open our senses to opportunities and leave in a trunk without a key, all those things that did not help us to grow and achieve our goals. Perhaps to mention a few … the insecurities, envy, selfish actions, slander, unfair competition, the absence of affirmative action, humanism, spirituality, and even the lack of respect that sometimes, as imperfect human beings, we usually commit with or without reason. Furthermore, while the job market has felt the effects of the pandemic and the challenging economic climate, and while people in Puerto Rico and other states and jurisdictions in the United States have benefited from government aid and assistance, we cannot sit idle and wait for an opportunity to happen—we have to make opportunity happen by going out and working hard, not staying home without goals and a mission!

To face the challenges of COVID-19 in our lives and in our relationships with others, all those emotions, thoughts, communications, actions that border on being adverse to optimism must be annulled because they add nothing to our life mission and therefore pre- vents or blocks our growth in every way.

Ask the universe for more, and work towards it […] Applaud the achievements and success of everyone even if you don’t know them … I for my part from here, applaud and celebrate yours.

Alma Iris Acosta, CEO, MSSS & Management Events

When one begins to see life with and in abundance, everything becomes easier and we can see the talents, capabilities, virtues, and feelings of others and of ourselves. It is like opening our eyes to the beautiful, the noble, the real, the unimaginable–the beauties and blessings that God gives us daily. It is simply being able to see the light and learn to see clarity in moments of darkness.

We can, without burdens or grudges, without thoughts or hidden agendas, see everything differently and learn to manage our emotions without affecting all of us who have the right and genuine desire to “echar p’alante”.

In these moments where we find ourselves as a people, we can take advantage and rise up to the occasion showing how Puerto Ricans can move forward our beautiful Island of Enchantment. We will undoubtedly be able to make the changes that we understand are necessary to unite more than ever, so that we can contribute positive energy, good ideas, good projects, good actions and work towards a better, healthy Puerto Rico, full of fervor and in the conviction of our social-economic well-being. When you begin to live under the law of abundance, you discover a number of blessings and capabilities that are and have always been with us. If we define abundance and apply it to our principles and values we can see that it is like love and knowledge, the more love you give, the more love you receive, the more knowledge you acquire and share, the more opportunities to learn will knock on your door … the secret of prosperity is to generously share everything positive that comes into your life.

Thus, we can conclude, that if we are born with nothing and we have so much, then ac- cording to the definition of abundance, we are floating in wealth, well-being, and prosperity … Count your blessings and do not count what is not productive or constructive. Work for you and yours, compete with yourself to overcome your fears, and do not be discouraged by what could be a mistake, because in the combination of experiences is when we can see what we are made of, grow, prevail and prove our greatness, our stock, our blood, our ancestry. Let’s live in abundance. Ask the universe for more, and work towards it. Always remember that our rights begin where those of others end and vice versa. Applaud the achievements and success of everyone even if you don’t know them … I for my part from here, applaud and celebrate yours.

Always declare abundance for yourself and for others … only then will you live in absolute abundance!

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