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LGBTTIQ Organizations Will Join PROMESA Protesters in Front of Federal Court House

By on July 6, 2016

San Juan (INS) – Several organizations and activists from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersexual y queer (Lgbttiq) communities will join next Friday and Sunday the demonstration in front of the Federal District Court at Chardón Avenue in Hato Rey against the fiscal control.

“Lgbttiq people have always been a part of all the social, cultural and environmental movements of our people. This is why we are inviting the people to join ‘Orgullo contra la Junta’ (Pride against the Board), a series of educational, cultural and political education events that we will be having in front of the Federal Court,” said the event’s spokerpersons.

The activities will include a workshop on Lgbttiq activism on Friday, at 7:00 PM and an information fair on Sunday starting at 9:00 AM.

Sunday at 10:00 AM there will be a session on Lgbttiq short stories with Tere Marichal and other authors, followed by an open mike session at noon and a workshop on “the art of resistance” at 2:00 PM with Rubén Rolando Solla.

At 4:00 PM Sunday Lgbttiq organizations and activists will piquet, followed by another open mike session up until 6:00 PM. A drag show will close the day at 8:00 PM followed by a movie forum as the final event.

“The crisis affects more the marginalized sectores and we cannot keep silent at the threat of a colonial junta that wants to affect Lgbttiq people more than the rest of society. We are standing up and ready to struggle and we invite the people and to join this effort because, as the song goes: there is no political freedom without sexual freedom,” said the spokepersons.

Among the organizations that have confirmed their assistance there are: Comite contra la Homofobia el distcrimeny el discrimen (Committee against Homophobia and Discrimination), the Civil Rights Commission and Puerto Rico for Everyone, among others.

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