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Life After Rebirth at Latin Media House—and Santa’s Gonna Read us, too!

By on December 24, 2015


annotation-heiko-faassAs you know, we are now doing things quite differently here at Latin Media House. We have set out to build the premier digital media platform for Hispanics in the world. We are starting with changes to the operations and publications in Puerto Rico and proceeding to offer our product on the U.S. mainland. This is a never-ending, exhausting process with millions of details. But we have been working tirelessly and have been blessed with spectacular results: During our first month of restructuring efforts, the inherited operational losses have been stopped and, more often than not, we have discovered true gems among our existing staff, who surprise us day after day with their newfound enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, we also have “product” to show. A few issues of Caribbean Business have already been carrying steady changes and improvements, and our first production cycle of our monthly magazines Imagen and Buena Vida is complete. So, now, we hold in our hands products that are entirely produced by a mix of our “new people” with the “existing people,” and the experience has been nothing short of great.

The results coming from Santurce, Puerto Rico, don’t have to fear being compared with big and established international publications. The feedback has been amazing and not only from our friends and readers, but also from what others would consider our competitors. Making a point of looking for allies rather than competitors, we have supplied our recent editions to the chief executives of large publishing houses in the U.S., Latin America and Europe. As a consequence, and rather unexpectedly, our plans for international distribution and expansion will possibly be sped up dramatically. The penetration of the U.S. mainland and tapping into that $9.6 billion advertising market for Hispanics is imminent, and we will soon be able to announce some bold moves.

This week’s Caribbean Business, published Dec. 24, is another premier in this paper’s history. For the first time ever, we will produce a completely “digital only” version of the newspaper. Yes, two months in, we are going to launch a Caribbean Business website that we invite you to frequent every day, because we are going to update and improve our latest jewel every single day from here on out, accompanied by social media. So I am inviting you to take note of the 24th of December 2015, the day we will put a tablet in front of Santa and have him read our first-ever digital edition of Caribbean Business — and you will hopefully join him!

You will be seeing a whole lot of Latin Media House and our publications everywhere over the next few months because we are about to embark on a gigantic media initiative with billboards, online, TV and radio to promote our new products to our readers. We hope you won’t mind and that we can count on you to support our efforts to put products made in Puerto Rico on the map internationally.

Latin Media House has been reborn, the transformation is on its way. Let’s do this, help us, be a part of it and together we’ll make this island’s future a bright one.


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