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Lin-Manuel Miranda Goes Back to His Roots

By on July 27, 2016

SAN JUAN—Award winning actor and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, of Puerto Rican extraction, visited family members as well as various sites in the town of Vega Alta, on the island’s northern coast, on Wednesday.

lin manuel INS

Lin-Manuel Miranda (INS)

In Vega Alta, his father Luis A. Miranda grew up and his great-grandfather Ignacio Miranda helped to launch the Savings and Loans Cooperative of Vega Alta.

“I’m Puerto Rico’s strangest Pokémon,” said Miranda, arriving to a session with local media.

On July 9, Miranda finalized a successful season in Broadway with the “Hamilton” musical. He said he would love to have it performed on the island, but is still not sure when.

“We don’t have plans but I’ll put on a wig (to play Hamilton) because I cut my hair,” quipped Miranda.

He said that it would take some years before “Hamilton” is brought to the big screen, but that filming on the adaptation of his musical “In the Heights” (2008) is set to begin next year.

Regarding his private meeting with U.S. president Barack Obama, Miranda said they “talked about the economic situation.”

He added: “I talked to him about Oscar López Rivers, that it is important for Puerto Ricans that he is set free, and he said that [the petition] was on his desk.”

While Miranda has kept abreast of the economic crisis that Puerto Rico is going through, he made it clear that “I’m not political.”

“I’m allergic to politics,” said Miranda. “The artists’ responsibility is to create empathy.”

He said that the Promesa project of the U.S. Congress is still the “least bad” option.

Miranda did described as “crazy” that “we are part of the United States, but we cannot vote for the president,” which he supports.

The artist recently released the song “Love Make the World Go Round”, which he recorded with Jennifer López for the “Somos Orlando” (We are Orlando) initiative of the Hispanic Federation, which will provide mental health services to those affected by the tragedy in the Pulse club in Orlando, Florida.

He said he enjoyed working with López, of whom he said, “I’ve never known any other artist that works as hard as she does.”

Miranda was proclaimed “Favorite Son of Vega Alta,” and received a woodcarving of Saint Francis of Assisi, and after the press conference visited the Ignacio Miranda Elementary School. Later in the day, he unveiled his star in the Puerto Rico Walk of Fame in Condado, in San Juan. He is currently in the process of composing music for the next animated film from Disney (“Moana”), and will take part in the film “Mary Poppins.”

Tonight, Miranda will join a group of local personalities such as Mayra Santos, Jacobo Morales, Modesto Lacén, Cordelia González, Glenn Monroig, Silverio Pérez, Zoraida Santiago, Teófilo Torres, Mariana Monclova, Marilyn Pupo and Braulio Castillo, Jr., in reading poetry from Puerto Rican poet Francisco Matos Paoli during the third editions of the “En clave de poesía” (In the key of poetry) event, which will raise funds for the seventh edition of the “Festival de la Palabra” (Festival of the Word), headed by writer Santos Febles.

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