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Local Democratic Party Leader: Hillary Clinton Nomination a Given

By on April 28, 2016

SAN JUAN–The president of the Democratic Party in Puerto rico, Roberto Prats, said Wednesday that, in light of the results of the primaries held Tuesday night in five states, Hillary Clinton has secured her presidential nomination for the Democratic Party.

roberto prats noticel

Roberto Prats, president of the Democratic Party, Puerto Rico chapter (Credit: Noticel)

The results of Tuesday night’s primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania bring almost to a close the race in the Democratic Party, Prats said, because the lead maintained by Clinton suggests that she has a short way to go to complete the 2,383 delegates necessary to be officially nominated as candidate in the national convention this summer.

The former secretary of state  added 214 delegates Tuesday night, for a total of 2,168 delegates. For his part, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders added 160 delegates for a total of 1,401 delegates.

“I do not see how Bernie Sanders can stay in this race based on the primaries that remain and the difference in delegates at this moment,” said Prats.

He added that Sanders should be already giving some thought on how to exit the race and search on how he can help the Democratic Party win in the general elections against the front-runner candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump.


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