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Local Restaurant Donates Earnings To Earthquake Victims In Italy

By on August 26, 2016

In solidarity with the town Amatrice, in Italy, and the hundreds of fatal and indirect victims caused by the recent earthquake, businessman Alessandro Calenda will donate 100% of the earnings obtained through a special promotion in his restaurants as a contribution to the affected municipality.

Firefighters work amid collapsed buildings in Amatrice, central Italy, in search of survivors (AP Image)

Firefighters work amid collapsed buildings in Amatrice, central Italy, in search of survivors (AP Image)

Calenda, native of Naples but raised in Puerto Rico for the past three decades, is owner of the restaurants Melanzana Bistro, Caffe Melanzana and Pummarola, located in Miramar and Hato Rey (in San Juan), respectively.

“A lot of people have called the restaurant asking how they can help or contribute to the victims of a tragedy that has amassed almost 300 lives but have affected thousands more. It really is moving to know that a country like Puerto Rico, which lives with its own difficult situations, thinks of others,” said Calenda.

Amatrice has fallen victim to various earthquakes and aftershocks between Wednesday and Thursday, and has awaken an international interest for the immediate needs it is facing. At the moment, there are thousands of wounded people and thousands more of material losses. The town of Amatrice, located in the central area of Italy, has received emergency responses, but money needs to be sent directly to the municipality to help alleviate the crisis with what is really necessary.

“Being a native of Italy, but at the same time conscious of the immense solidarity of the Puerto Rican people, our restaurants Melanzana and Pummarola will be designating 100% of the earnings from this special offer to this fund. The offer consists of pasta with an Amatriciana sauce and a glass of wine,” said Calenda.

This special promotion will cost $15 and will be effective tomorrow Saturday, August 27 until Wednesday, August 31.

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