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Local Seasonings Brand Rapidly Increases Sales

By on September 22, 2021

Puerto Rican cooking seasonings brand Cooking with my Doctor reached a 313 % growth in sales in 2020 compared to 2019, and a 90% market distribution rate. 

During the first half of 2021, the brand grew 70% compared to the same period in 2020.  

“If the sales trend that we see continues, we will end up with an increase of 26% to 30% versus 2020, without including additional sales from some new products that we will be launching this year,” said Renzo Casillo, a marketing and food promotion executive who worked on the island for 23 years. 

In 2019 Casillo started to work for the brand by supporting his longtime friends and founding partners, Chef Rafael Barrera and Dr. Alfred Herger Anadón. At the end of 2020, Casillo formally joined Cooking with my Doctor in his current role as a partner.

With over 34 years of experience in general management, operations, marketing, promotion and e-commerce, Casillo provided his contacts to drive the presence of Cooking with my Doctor’s products in the Puerto Rican market. “Regarding the sales ranking, we have seen a substantial growth trend with Cooking with my Doctor products, moving from the number 30 position within Caribbean Produce’s brand portfolio in 2018, to number three in 2020”, said Félix López, general manager at Caribbean Produce, the brand’s distributor. 

One of Casillo’s most important contributions to the brand was redesigning the product’s label. “The band’s competition noticed this strategy, and they also changed their labels looking for the same results,” Casillo said.

Currently, Casillo is working on an e-commerce and retail marketing strategy to expand the brand’s presence in various markets throughout the United States. This effort is already taking place in three northeastern states with the brand’s presence at the Wegman’s supermarket chain. 

“Looking forward, we see the brand’s growth headed in two main directions: to continue creating new products that continue to provide taste and nutrition and explore new international markets,” the executive commented. “We are very grateful for all the support that all supermarket and food retailers in Puerto Rico have given us, and we are very excited with the product line’s future growth.” 

Created by Barrera and Herger Anadón in 2018, Cooking with my Doctor seasonings use innovative formulas with herbs, spices, and superfoods that provide healthier ways to cook without sacrificing flavor. The products are developed and crafted in Puerto Rico by a local company. 

“As they have been discovering the brand, consumers in Puerto Rico buy it because of all it offers. Not only are these products that combine natural ingredients and superfoods to provide taste and nutrition, but a Puerto Rican company also makes them and many consumers like to support local products,” Casillo said. “In less than three years, we have seen how sales have tripled, and the list of establishments that want to sell the products keeps growing,” he added. 

The Cooking with my Doctor product line includes Garlic Paste (Pasta de Ajo) formulated with turmeric, cilantro, and parsley; Cooking Base (Sofrito) with turmeric, sweet peppers, and cilantro; BBQ Seasoning (Adobo) with turmeric and moringa; All-Purpose Seasoning (Sazón) with turmeric and moringa and the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste (Extracto de vainilla). 

All Cooking with my Doctor products are formulated with all-natural ingredients and do not contain artificial ingredients or colorants, gluten, or MSG. They are suitable for vegan, Paleo, and Keto diets. 

The brand recently increased its product portfolio by introducing its “Pónselo a to'” seasoning. This product is formulated with a blend of spices and five “super seeds” (poppy seed, white and black sesame, flax and chia). 

The Cooking with my Doctor products line is available in 91% of supermarkets and food establishments in Puerto Rico. The line’s Garlic Paste, Cooking Base, BBQ Seasoning and the All-Purpose Seasoning with turmeric and moringa are available at various food retailers and supermarkets around the island such as Econo, FamCoop Freshmart, La Hacienda, Mr. Special, Plaza Loíza, Pueblo, Ralph’s, Selectos, Somos Plaza, SuperMax, Walmart and Sam’s Club. 

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