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Locally developed tech helps businesses adapt to safety protocols

By on September 3, 2020

Israel Figueroa and Emmanuel Oquendo (Courtesy)

BrainHi virtual assistant helps automated messaging, call rescue, and appointment management.

SAN JUAN — The safety protocols required to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way of doing business and customer interaction for many small and medium-sized enterprises, which now need to eliminate crowding in offices and business spaces.

BrainHi, a a local company that is centered around artificial intelligence, is supplying more than 300 local businesses and professional offices with its automated messaging, call rescue and appointment management services.

“The pandemic and its health and safety restrictions have forced many businesses to change the way they operate and receive patients, clients, and consumers. Doctors’ waiting rooms have been turned into virtual waiting rooms, and the in-store experience is now mostly done by appointments. Many times, it is impossible to answer all calls received. That is where BrainHi’s technology comes in. BrainHi automatically texts the interested party and answers basic questions, coordinates their appointments, and establishes a virtual connection,” explained Emmanuel Oquendo, BrainHi’s co-founding partner and CEO.

BrainHi’s virtual services prevent businesses from losing and accumulating unanswered calls and messages. The program, developed by Puerto Rican engineers, rescues missed calls and answers them with automated responses via text message. The information is kept on a digital portal that is visible only to the business owner so they can answer, monitor and analyze the flow of calls or customer requests. BrainHi also enables the automated tracking of multiple clients simultaneously.

The company’s messaging platform allows businesses to automate a high volume of calls, enable customers to request ordinary information about the business, make appointments and organize waiting lists.

“We are pleased with the reception that BrainHi has received from small and medium-sized business owners, as well as by professionals who have welcomed BrainHi as one more member of their business team. Precisely, the objective of BrainHi is to provide a virtual assistant to offices and businesses so that they do not miss calls and so that customers always feel cared for,” added Oquendo.

Among the businesses that have opted for the innovative system are retail companies such as La Hacienda, Party City and El Mercado de Juguetes. In the case of La Hacienda, for example, Oquendo said, BrainHi has rescued more than 10,000 calls per week, managing to streamline customer service, shift distribution and channel orders.

“Thanks to BrainHi, we have managed to triple the number of customers we serve daily after the first COVID-19 lockdown order. From that moment on, BrainHi has helped us establish a new communication channel with our customers,” La Hacienda’s Jorge Bonnet said in a release.

In the local healthcare industry, BrainHi provides service to hundreds of general practitioners and specialists, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, and dispensaries in Puerto Rico. Likewise, it has benefited businesses and professionals from other sectors such as furniture stores, beauty salons, restaurants and attractions such as the Toro Verde Adventure Park. Using artificial intelligence, its platform develops customized messaging for each of the businesses it serves.

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