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Lúgaro confident of becoming next governor

By on November 8, 2016

SAN JUAN – During her visit to vote in Universidad Interamericana’s (Cedin) laboratory school, independent gubernatorial candidate Alexandra Lúgaro was confident Tuesday that the island would wake up tomorrow with her as its governor.

Lúgaro, who is also a lawyer, arrived with her daughter, Valentina, and her boyfriend, Iván Ríos Mena, all of whom after answering questions from members of the press, walked together toward their polling school. Many of the voters who were waiting in the long line took the opportunity to take “selfies” with the candidate, who urged them to report any irregularities in the electoral process.

To questions by Caribbean Business regarding whether she maintains her prediction that she will be the new head of government, Lúgaro didn’t hesitate to answer in the affirmative, while dismissing the most recent polls favoring New Progressive Party (NPP) candidate Ricardo Rosselló.

She continues to believe she will prevail “because, as you can see,” she said, “thousands of Puerto Ricans have come out to vote. We have worked hard for a year and eight months to deliver a message and remove that veil of prejudice and fanaticism. We have people who for the first time have become part of a multi-ideological country movement, a movement in which people demand leaders who are capable of leading Puerto Rico at its most critical moment. So, definitely, if people turn out to vote today, we change the the country’s destiny,” the independent candidate said.

Lúgaro said she will wait for the election’s results at her home, because “we are not politicians,” and would announce in a few hours where she will receive the final numbers, adding she would be announcing the results on her Facebook page.

When leaving the polling site, Lúgaro said her immediate work plan for her first day as governor, were she to be elected, includes gathering the people who were chosen at the polls, in order to “get to know their vision for the country.”

In addition, she would push “bills in the elected legislature and at the same time choose capable agency secretaries who have expertise and experience managing projects so Puerto Rico can begin to see change in their areas of planning and strategy.”

  • Independent gubernatorial candidate Alexandra Lúgaro signs registration sheet to cast her vote. (Rafelli González/CB)



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